Dark Edge by albanhenderyckxphotography

Earth bleeds, cries tears in warm autumn tones, the winds are unleashed, the blizzard of snowstorms succeed one another, sweep the leaves of the trees, even your dreams buried as the clouds dance in harmony . Living immersed in an enchanted forest for days and nights at the rhythm of the climatic depressions, always in expectation that the majestic fortress mountain finally reveals itself, awakens the senses, brings back the wild state, allows to face his inner self and be attentive to the impalpable forces that surround us. Only light, hunger and thirst leading the way of my steps. Patagonia, Argentina. Framed on Gitzo and well exposed with NiSi Filters V5 Pro holder filter system 100mm + NISI filter GND16 Soft. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/albanhenderyckx/ Copyright © Alban Henderyckx / All rights reserved.

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