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With more than 800 cones, "La Payunia" is one of the regions with the highest density of volcanoes. Its main attraction is given by the extensive lava plains with volcanic cones, highlighting the volcano "Payún Matrú", a sample of the Patagonian ecosystem in Mendoza. There are basalt castings and pyroclastic fields of different colors, forming a quasi-lunar landscape. “La Payunia”拥有800多个锥体,是火山密度最高的地区之一。 其主要景点是广阔的火山平原与火山锥,突出了火山“PayúnMatrú”,这是门多萨巴塔哥尼亚生态系统的样本。 有玄武岩铸件和不同颜色的火山碎屑场,形成一个准月球景观。

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