Campos de Darwin by IlFotografo

The "Darwin Camps", located about 40 kilometers north of Puerto Deseado, in Santa Cruz, are a steep, wide red canyon hundreds of meters high that culminate in a clear water course and yellowish background that allow to reach extraordinary views of the union of the Deseado River with the sea and feel the tranquility that transmits the immensity of the Patagonian desert, which the English scientist defined as "the most isolated place in the rest of the world" “达尔文营地”位于圣克鲁斯港德赛多港以北约40公里处,是一个数百米高的陡峭,宽阔的红色峡谷,最终形成一个清澈的水道和黄色背景,可以达到非凡的联合观。 Deseado河与大海一起感受宁静,传递着巴塔哥尼亚沙漠的无边无际,英国科学家将其定义为“世界其他地方最孤立的地方”

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