Wind Art i by MAPhoto

Amazingly, my entire 500px gallery and favs were "Banned" from this website either due to an error, hacking or worse. Who knows. I was alerted that this had happened by a friend and despite contacting support 3 days ago, bringing hundreds of photographers to this website, promoting this website and being the most followed landscape guy on here, they have STILL not responded to any of my requests for help. What did happen was my site came back online, but of course it's messed up now with doubles and triples of many images for some reason. ..... Since the site is temporarily back up, I'd like to share with you this image made last week in a beautiful windstorm in the Mojave desert. Thanks for looking.

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dramatic sky,sunrise,dawn,sunset,moody sky,landscape,horizon over land,fog,twilight,dusk,sun,mist

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