Planespotting by peterstewartphotography

Reflection of a 737 landing at Osaka International Airport (Itami). I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to planes. I can happily spend all day watching them come and go, keeping track on radar and ATC comms for all the different carriers and aircraft types. I stop short of keeping a log book and binoculars though, I'll leave that for the hardcore folks. Itami airport in Osaka has a pretty busy spotting location at the end of the runway, with many curious locals chilling out amongst numerous Japanese photographers with the kind of photography gear that wouldn't look out of place at the olympics. In order to try something different, instead of going for the usual telephoto angles straight down the runway, I whipped out my Fujifilm X100f and focused on an adjacent ditch to catch a reflection right at the moment this ANA 737 flew almost directly overhead. Stay up-to date by following me on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Fine Art Prints and Image Licensing available at:

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