Ice Cave Addicted by ManuelMartin1972

------------------------- Oh man! It was a very cool and special day with a small hike of one hour on the Vatnajökull glacier and the visit of some ice caves. I had no idea that the visit of the caves wold be so impressive. I fell in love with such places here in this wonderful country he he he. And I must confess I’m addicted … I want more ha ha ha. It was so amazing to see so many different blue and green vibrant and bright colors, but it was also so challenging to capture everything sharp from front to back and to handle the big dynamic range with the cam. What you see here is a focus stacking image (handblended) with different exposures to capture everything of the scene. As I was standing in darkness I had to handle the dark areas around me knowing that just behind me on the roof of the ice cave there was a small hole letting in some daylight. And then in the distance there were two similar holes and finally the sun shining in the cave from the entry. A very cool experience and I hope you like my image here. ------------------------- Follow me on Facebook

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