Cuernos del Paine & Pehoe Lake by IlFotografo

Lake Pehoe sits at the center of Torres del Paine National Park, and from it you have wonderful views of the Paine Grande mountain and the Cuernos (horns) del Paine. Pehoe is a tehuelche word meaning 'hidden' and is pronounced "pay-oh-way". "Lake Pehoe" 湖坐落在托雷斯德尔潘恩国家公园的中心,从这里您可以欣赏到潘恩格兰德山和 "Cuernos del Paine" 的美景。 "Pehoe" 是一个 "tehuelche"词,意思是“隐藏”,并发音为“pay-oh-way”。

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