Stormy evening on Praia do Castelejo by DmytroKorol

Prints are available on My website Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Steemit Join me on My Facebook Page We have spent several weeks in Algarve this December. I was driving and walking around on the different picturesque beaches, but Praia do Castelejo is probably my favorite beach in Algarve. I just love this a bit extraterrestrial view from the first glance. That day I was just checking it as a new location and hoping to find something interesting before the sunset. I knew there should be something as I checked the site first on Google Maps. That day the weather was changing from warm and calm to rainy and stormy. The massive cloud was moving from the ocean. When I got there, I understood that, first, the light is just fantastic, the second, I was so late to search for the composition. I ran as fast as I could to these rock formations. Five minutes later everything was done. The light was gone. But I got my shot! What a crazy luck!

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