A wild heart by bellakotak

Instagram | My Colour Shop “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” ― Henry David Thoreau Never forget that you are born of the stars and share the same matter as the brightest pearls in the deepest sea. We don't have enough time on earth to dull our light, for others or ourselves. Don't cheat the world of the person you were born to be. Find your passion, a way to express yourself, and get obsessed. After that, hold on tight for the path your heart leads you down. That's the greatest lesson that my dear Springtime, with it's swift fleeting nature, teaches me every year. ★ Featuring my sweethearted muse, Scarlett ★ Headpiece and Top by Agnieszka Osipa ★ Skin Retouching: Myself and Pratik Naik --- ★ My Photoshop Actions - www.fineartactions.com ★ My Channel - www.youtube.com/c/bellakotak ★ My Fine Art Actions group - bit.ly/2dp8BwF ★ My photography group - bit.ly/2d74piX

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