Shrouded Water Murmurs II by RamunasKFishermang

Waterfall slowly murmurs its way across the snowy landscape, a mix of its sound together with cold winter winds creates an atmospheric and calming sound drone. Nature's own music. I've been reworking some of the older photos. I either see something new I want to show with the scene, or I see room for improvement, or both. This particular shot comes from a little bit more than a year ago and you can see the older version in my gallery if interested. I here wanted to bring forth the contrast between blue sky and orange sunset better, as it is one of my favorite color mixes. I also removed a bunch of disturbing elements that didn't serve any purpose: the brances that get cut off the frame and various straws that disturb the water. By removing the latter I feel I could give the dark waters a bigger emphasis, thus contrasting the snowy surroundings better. I also introduced a bit of light in the center to get a feeling of more life, so to speak. And in the end I did some color corrections as there was a bit of green cast in the snow that didn't really make sense. Let me know what you think!

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landscape,sunset,winter,north,snow,dark,norway,waterfall,long exposure,atmospheric,winterland,trondheim,bymarka

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