Playing With Light by adamwestphoto

Website | In My Bag | Tutorials | FB | IG | TW I have prepared a free two part tutorial on how this image was taken and put together, which is linked on my website. The tutorial describes the mobile apps and online resources you can use to plan and shoot a sunrise at a location you have never visited before. It covers mobile apps for cloud cover, sunrise photography, online scouting and taking multiple exposures for optimal results. It is aimed at enthusiasts who probably don't own the very best equipment and would benefit from exposure blending to get pro results. I would be grateful for a review and feedback. Is it helpful if you are relatively new to this kind of photography and might you try some of things I suggest? If you are experienced, are there any other apps or resources that are worth considering, especially for your part of the world? I'd like these tutorials to be meaningful and helpful, especially for those who like things to be written out rather than in a video. Your input would be most welcome so I can keep improving. Thanks, Adam. Sunrise at the 17th century fort Fortaleza de Santa Catarina, Praia da Rocha, Portimão, Portugal.

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