Ephemeral by joseramos

Follow me on Facebook | Instagram | My website | Contact me | Click on "See More" for story and technical details "Ephemeral" The absolute rarity of these moments of fleeting radiance, turning light chasing into a true treasure hunt... Image made during the most intense light display of the whole 15 day photo-trip in Iceland in September 2017, and probably of the whole year. When nothing could predict it, the overcast sky over the Kerlingarfjoll mountains in the Icelandic highlands suddenly opened some breaches, giving birth to a fleeting yet extremely epic display of warm tinted clouds. Such an honor to witness a moment like this. Sony a77 + Venus Laowa 12mm f2.8 ISO: 50 Exposure: 30 seconds ISO: 80 Aperture: f11 Manual focus FLM Tripod Nisi: 4 stops medium Grad ND, 4 stops full ND Wireless remote shutter

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sunrise,fog,sunset,volcano,dawn,storm,thunderstorm,dramatic,dramatic sky,moon setting,alpenglow,moody sky

Via 500px http://500px.com/photo/241806717


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