Castle Mountain Christmas by PatrickMarsonOng

Castle Mountain Christmas A super cold Christmas morning at Castle Mountain, Banff National Park. Sad to say that it’s my worst encounter with a group of Chinese photographers. Of all days, it happened during Christmas. ‍♂️ So, me and my sister got there just in time for sunrise. Saw another car pulled just behind us. Heard them spoke and shouted in Mandarin. They were very noisy! Anyway, we just ignored them, grabbed our gears and headed down the bow river. Me being familiar with the place, we knew where to position and what to or not to step on. I had my camera on my tripod set-up flat on the ground and was comfortably seated on ice while enjoying the view when I got startled by one of the Chinese guys who hurriedly passed by behind me. I felt his shoes just a couple inches from my back. I was like WTH, It's a huge area! Then as soon as I turned my head back to my camera, one of his companion’s left foot bumped my tripod leg. F!@#$%!! šŸ˜  And then, his right foot was about to step on the ice that I was photographing!!! Ha! What do you think happened next? Unbelievable.

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